Agroturizam Špinovci

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Village Špinovci, with our rural land is situated on the southern hillside of the river Mirna, opposite of the ancient Motovun, on a small elevation. By inheritance of our ancestors we got an farm of 13 hectare. In the middle of the farm is situated a 200 years old stone house in which we prepared for you 3 appartments and a little dining room.
We are preparing lots of Istrian specialties, we have always good istrian white truffles and a glass of homemade wine. We followed the steps of our ancestors and we continue to cultivate fruits, vegetables, we are producing wine (Istrijanska Malvazija, Motovunsku Teran) and lots of others old occupations.
If you need a quiet and pleasant relief in the country, if you want to live like ours ancestors lived, in harmony and beautiful nature, you will not be dissapointed. You need walking in the nature, riding a bicycle throught woods and paths of central Istria, gathering forest fruits ( asparagus, mushrooms, chestnus…) we are here for you.
If you would like to be awaked by sounds of donkeys or cocks, or if you like a yard full of domestic animals, contact us.

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