Istra Adventure

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If you are encouranging in countryside lighten up with sun, a view from the belvedere situate on the top of the hill, driving trought the woods of Istria, down the river and along with the sea, native and cultured speciality and interests of Istria, you are on the rigt web sites. Whereby Jeep and Quad adventure we will try to evoke you the beauty, natural and spiritual values and monumental heritage of Istria, throught the atractive and unforgettable programs.

For all those who are interest in adventure, and those who want to initiate the tru charm of Istria, which makes her so beautifull, charming and original, eksperience the joint of present and trace of history, we will make you possible researching countryside of Istria in the way you havent had a chance to see yet.

Because, when you feel the freshness of Istrian woods by yourself, experience the rising and setting of the sun on her hills, refresch your face with clear water from her rivers, feel the breeze in your hair, driving up throught the Istrian coast, you will be able to tell that you had a real chance to meet Istria.

Everyone who had experience it once, never forgot it and they are still comming back on this pages wanting to meet a recent „Istrian stories“. Our programs are adapted to you. There are possible excursions for half a day, for one day or for a few days, and the offer can be enrich also with some other services (accommodation, food, testing the Istrian food, etc.). With it will be delighted individuals, organized groups, families with children…

Leave yourself up to our guides, which will lead you to this adventure, above all safely and exciting.

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