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Bruno Trapan is a young winemaker and producer of wines made flower its brand Trapan Wines. Curiosity, enthusiasm and love for this great work made products of the highest quality so that today you can try the fresh Malvasia (Ponente), Malvasia and Chardonnay in aged in acacia and oak (Uroboros), Rose (Rubi), Cabernet sauvignon (Nigra Virgo) and Syrah (Shuluq). The annual production is 40000 bottles where for now the most belongs to the Istrian Malvasia. The vineyards occupy the area of 5ha and are located in the south of Istria, in Sisan near Pula. The plan is to plant a further 5 hectares of vineyards and plant some native red varieties as Teran, because next to Malvasia it has great potential in the world of wine. Since 2009, the vineyards are treated in an organic way to accentuate naturality of the product.
In addition to the domestic market, Trapan Wines are also known outside the Croatian borders. The call for the famous festival in Merano received two years in a row, and the award recognitions Commended by Decanter magazine from the world famous wine magazine Decanter opened the way for export to England. Trapan wines can also be found in Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Monte Negro, Germany and Poland.
There is a tendency to expand production. A new vinery has just been opened with the tasting room close to the vineyards. The desire is to produce 80-90000 bottles per year and focus more on aged wines. We are always ready for new challenges and are constantly working to perfect the highest quality of our wines.


The vinery Trapan is located Sisan, a place 10 km away from Pula. It is a modernist building, straight lines dominated by concrete and glass. Although the outside looks very simple, the space inside is very interesting since it is designed for the tasting room to have a good view over the barrique room. The idea was to create a small wine bar where visitors feel comfortable and so that the name originated Wine station - the southernmost wine station in Istria.
The entire facility is a large 800m2, 600m2 for the vinery part and has a tasting room with the capacity for 30 people.
From the beginning we wanted to limit on a smaller number of visitors to be able to devote the best to each one. The tasting room has no fixed schedule, you must book in advance or by phone or e-mail that can be found on the web
The winery and tasting room are open for smaller groups, but also for individual visits.
All private visit are always welcome.
We offer three types of tastings:
1st 3 wines + cheeses, bruskete
2nd 5 wines + cheeses, bruskete, ham
3rd VIP MENU - 4 + 5 courses of food wine
These first two tastings are living in some sort of offer, something that will always find here and will always be ready. Vip menu will consist of cold and hot appetizers, main dishes (mostly meat) and dessert. We will offer creative dishes with a hint of Istrian cuisine. Our plan is to organize cooking shows, invite the other wineries and to prepare a variety of culinary gatherings.

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