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Ponente : A white wine, straw-yellow in colour with green reflections. A fresh and fruity bouquet (with citrus flavours of grapefruit, lemon + green apple) with a hint of herbal notes. This wine reached the peak of its maturity and a rounded texture in 9/09. A wine with a rich, full body and a slightly pronounced mineral note. On the palate, its balanced acidity gives a pleasant freshness. Soft and mild almond bitterness in the aftertaste. A recognizable varietal and easy to drink.
Wine name: Ponente
Grape variety: 100% Malvasia Istriana
Region: Vineyards of Western Istria
Position: 100% Cuf (near Šišan, Pula, altitude 50-55 m, SSW exposition, under the sun the whole day, spacious. A deep profile of the Istrian red soil, occasionally skeletoid, excellent chemical and mineralogical characteristics, presence of naturally formed humus)
Training system: one-sided guyout
Yield: 1.3 – 2.0 kg/grapevine
Time of harvest: mid-September
Vintage: , rains at the beginning of the vegetation and blossoming period, followed by 2 months of drought. The rain that fell in mid-August saved the harvest. This harvest is characterized by high levels of sugar and lower levels of acidity, what has contributed to the structure of the wine.
Vinification: Careful crushing of the grapes and destemming. 12 hours of cold maceration at temperature of 12oC. Pressing, fermentation under controlled conditions, at 13.5oC. The fermentation is followed by sur lie and batonnage methods, 25% of wine undergoes malolactic fermentation (MLF), production of wine on our own yeasts up till March 2009, then bottling.
Aging: 45-60 days in bottles
Pairing with food (recommendations): as an aperitif or with mussels, crabs, fish, pasta with asparagus (pljukanci, traditional Istrian pasta), grilled chicken, grilled vegetables, fresh cheeses… with young Istrian prosciutto for bon vivants.
Serving temperature: 10 – 13 oC
Technical characteristics: alcohol: 13.3 vol%; acidity: 5.2 g/l; unfermented sugar: 1.7 g/l; pH value: 3.19; extract: 21.5 g/l
Packaging: 6 bottle box

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