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Eia eko art center Istrien

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The goal of our project is to RETURN TO NATURE, to create environment of love in which we can act natural, spontaneous, creative and fulfilled.

We live in pure nature beside the magical forest, we build eco houses, cultivate land by the permaculturel laws (in harmony with nature), use solar energy, collect rain-water, use wood for heating, eat healthy food, have different kinds of pets and around us there are thousands of wild animals (that we have respect for).

We practice different kinds of activities as (courses for): photography, composition, painting, massages, natural health; we conduct anti-stress program that includes lots of laughter, relaxation, games, creativity. As well, we organize workshops of sound exploration, dance, communications with nature and disengagement of hidden potentials. Our main focus is (harmonious) human relations.

We guide trekking in the most beautiful (not tourist) parts of Istria and EIA center surrounding.
We organize shaman dances and Indian saunas (sweat lodge) and eco art camps for youth.
We rent out Indian (and regular) tents and trailers for the real nature experience. We have unlimited space for your tents. In Bale (place 15 km from Pula) we have private apartments and in the bay small wooden- rock house for experience called “Robinson”.

EIA center is situated 10 km from the beautiful sea, 3 km from Bale, 16 km from Rovinj, 23 km from Pula, 10 km from Lim bay. When driving from Bale towards Krmed (direction Smoljanci, Savićenta), 300 m from the crossing for Krmed (road Pula- Lim bay) there is array EIA where needs to be turned right and another 300m through the forest (until the end).

The manager of the center is Igor Drandić, the man that has been traveling for years throughout the world and been collecting rich life experience that he uses now in practice. Beside lots of “human schools” the most can be learnt from Mother Nature that has unlimited reservoir of wisdom and beauty.
He speaks several languages, and in profession he is medical clerk- masseus, holistic therapist, and as well practices photography (www.inet.hr/~idrandic/). He is the president for ecology and culture in EIA center(www.eia.hr).

Tel: Igor- 00385 (0)98 9160650
e-mail: eia@pu.htnet.hr
mailing address: San Zuian 13, 52211 Bale, Istra

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