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Ökomuseum Das Haus der Batana

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Ökomuseum Das Haus der Batana
The Batana House ecomuseum is dedicated to the fishing boat of the same name and to the local community that has identified this boat as its symbol. The batana is the most widespread traditional vessel in Rovinj, reflecting the continuity of the local material and intangible seafaring and fishing heritage, as well as the ongoing strands in the everyday life of the indigenous population. Hence one of the main aims of the museum is to show the batana as a live vehicle of the coastal tradition, as well as a link that everyday joins together local inhabitants of different ethnicities, primarily today the minority Italian and the majority Croatian communities.

A task of no less importance is fittingly to appreciate the boat as an important link that binds the Rovinj community with the great family of traditional vessels and with the local communities to which they are connected all over the Adriatic and the Mediterranean, which accordingly involves the Rovinj eco-museum in the international initiative for the conservation of the maritime heritage. With equal expertise and deliberation as with its permanent display, the Batana House fulfils its mission with its annual programmes.

The numerous innovative educational, publication and musical programmes are devised with the objective of making the tradition of the batana still closer to the local people and to enhance the fare of the culture tourism industry, that is, in essence, to preserve the cultural identity and the distinctiveness of the city of Rovinj as a place that is comfortable to live in and one-of-a-kind for all its visitors.

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