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If you are still not sure about the fact that Istria is the right choice for you, read our Guide through Istria.

Reservation process

As you have already read, we are an online tourist agency offering information service called "Direct contact" between guests and service providers. It means that we are not part of the reservation process, the arrangement is made only between you and the service provider. If you want to find out the advantages of the reservation made using our service, read more here.

First step: What should be done?

If you are interested in an offer, contact the host (service provider) by email, phone, address or by using any other information found at the website.

Do not forget that by using these information you are only contacting the host/owner of that specific accommodation (not us), and therefore you should send a separate inquiry for each accommodation you are interested in.

Be specific in stating your requests. It is also advisable to leave your telephone number to the owner, so if there are any problems with other forms of communication (for example, wrong email address or spam emails), you can be contacted on time.

Second step: arrangement

After sending the inquiry (if the inquiry was made by email), the service provider (facility owner) will answer to your inquiry. Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee and predict the exact time the answer will occur, but anyway it will occur certainly within 24 hours. Of course, if you call, the circumstances are different, as the contact is immediate. 

Third step: reservation

If your and the accommodation owner's terms coincide, you will be asked to make a prepayment to the owner's account so as to confirm the reservation and of course your arrival. Usually the amount ranges between 20 - 30% of the whole reservation value, anyway it is up to the owner. We will try to briefly explain the purpose of the advance payment. It is a way for the owner to protect him/herself from requests and reservations which are not about to occur. You should know that at the time of your arrival, above all in summer season, there is a number of people searching for accommodation units and other services and therefore it would be a financial disadvantage for the owner not to have guests during this period. If you have done all that needs to be done, congratulations! You have just made a reservation for a holiday in Istria and now you can relax and look forward to your deserved holidays and arrival to this magnificent place! However, we do recommend to read our travel tips in order to arrive safely and more easily at destination. Our notice: we respect your privacy, and therefore we do not use your personal data for any purposes without your consent.


Arrival at destination

Before setting off, you should read our article on useful tidbits for those who travel to Istria. Since Istria is very well connected, we hope you won't have major problems, anyway we prepared for you a guide on how to come to Istria, at the website called Where is Istria, where you can find useful links and "rout planners" which among their destinations include Istrian destinations as well.

However, make all the arrangements necessary, arrange everything with your host, do not forget the addresses and telephone numbers, and you are ready to go!

If you arrive at destination and you do not understand Croatian do not worry the local inhabitants are always ready to help and usually they speak foreign languages. Hence, do not hesitate and have a nice journey!

How to cancel a reservation?

If you change your mind, or you are not able to come in the established period, you should contact the owner and try to find an arrangement. If you cancel the reservation on time and if the owner finds another guests, the advance payment will certainly be returned. Anyway, it depends exclusively on the arrangement between you and the accommodation owner, and you have any questions related to this issue, the best solution is to talk about it immediately at the time of (making) the reservation. 

Is there any guarantee to my reservation?

We do not mediate during the reservation and as such we assume the responsibility for possible misunderstandings which can occur in the reservation process. Anyway, all the accommodation units have been registered by our operators, who visited all the accommodation unit and signed a contract with every owner. We guarantee that the accommodation units and the owners respectively really exist and that we have had no complaints so far related to this issue. If you have any questions or comments, you can contact us here. We wish you a pleasant stay in Istria!

Taxes and fees

As you already know, according to the Croatian Law on the Sojourn Tax, all customers are required to pay the Sojourn Tax. Are the prices of the accommodation units at our website with or without fees, if it is not clearly stated, the best thing to do is to ask the owner when making the reservation. Anyway, check the price, as some prices are general, and sometimes there is also a possibility to negotiate the price if the group is bigger or the stay longer. And finally, we can only recommend our offer hoping that we will help you to find a suitable solution for your holiday in Istria.


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