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Business model of

In order to choose the right service or product you should first understand the offer. As we at think that transparency and free choice is the best way to satisfy the customer and achieve long term success, on this page we would like to explain to our dear visitors how does our business model function, we would like to state our mission, and name some of the reasons why to choose a certain service on the domain of tourism business on the internet. So, if you have a couple of minutes, read the following text and you will find out.

Direct contact only under trademark of

Since we want our website to be a clear and powerful medium which offers direct contact between the customer and the service provider and to become our trade mark which guarantees that service, all units at are advertised/published directly by the service or product provider.

In this way, by using the contact information displayed on our pages you are directly contacting the accommodation units owners, the hotel, the campsite, the diving or any other sport club, with no mediation.

You should have this on mind while sending the reservation, as for each accommodation unit you will have to send a separate reservation. By this we also guarantee that if in future our company decides to offer our costumers another business model, the same will not appear under the trade mark and name of, and the agency contacts will be clearly distinguished: for mutual benefit, respectability and long term cooperation.


How is compiled our database?

We are very proud to have a data base filled in manually, by our operators. To you as our customer this shows a high degree of quality information. Our operators visited the advertised accommodation unit, in most cases took pictures of it too, took all the information and signed the advertisement contract with the owner, only then the accommodation unit appears at

As you can se there is a lot of hard work behind a good presented and apparently simple web page.

Moreover, we urge the owners to provide useful and suitable descriptions of their units which are then translated into various languages in order to clearly present their offer to potential visitors and thus offer you, our dear visitors, a simpler choice and decision. Of course, our pages have at the moment only a limited Istrian tourist offer, but it becomes bigger day by day. Therefore, do not forget to look up other sources of information where you will certainly find a lot of useful information on Istria and its tourist offer.

Comparison with other business models

In order to help you to make the simplest decision, we will shortly compare our business model with others. In general, our advantage is that we are enabling direct contact with the service provider, which results in best possible prices. Moreover, in most cases, for bigger arrangements (greater number of persons or longer period of stay), there is also a possibility of discount.

On the other hand, agency business gives you the possibility of quality assistance, pays more attention to your needs, and offers a wide choice: if an accommodation unit is fully booked they can offer you another one or suggest an alternative (they know the tourist offer better than you), they usually respond quickly as they have professionals who work for them, they can find a professional tourist guide, they can help about the arrival to a destination, they can organize excursions and arrangements...And all this does not always include a higher price.

Online agencies have a similar business model as traditional ones meaning they work on commission, have a developed customer support during the reservation, but unlike traditional agencies, they are not able to offer quality assistance once you arrived at your holiday destination. Online agencies have the so called "Affiliate" programs meaning that not only the online agency you booked your holiday or excursion through but also the owner of the web site you used (usually thanks to colorful publicity or banners advertised by the owners of affiliate web sites) receives a percent of the commission fee. Normally, this commission fee ranges between 5 and 10% of the price you paid, which together with the call center costs and the agency's commission fees can result into a higher price for the given service.


Briefly, if you know the holiday destination and you do not have much time at your disposal, and by the way, you would like to save some money too, then you will certainly choose the direct contact model. On the other hand, you will choose an agency if you want a complete service: meaning the reservation and a reference person at the arrival to your holiday destination.

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