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Plusing translations Istria

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Do you need a quality and urgent translation?

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Contact us with confidence and ask for a free evaluation of your text!



What is a translation?

The translation is a work of art and very demanding, the translator must demonstrate knowledge of the language, of specific cultures and also  general knowledge of the  different areas and segments. We can say that a translator follows the proverb "I know that I know nothing" (Socrates) and is engaged in the business of constant research and learning.

Why are professional translations expensive?

Behind what it seems, only an amount of pages of written text, there is a great deal of hard work. Translation is very complex; a good translation is not merely transferring text from one language to another, but consists of multiple proofreading, extensive research and the use of one’s own knowledge.

Written translations are divided into certified and uncertified translations.

Uncertified Translations: Translation of texts and documents that do not require certification of a certified court interpreter, such as a resume, brochures, booklets, use instructions, web sites, catalogues, letters, menus, tourist guides, leaflets, etc.

Certified Translation: Translation issued by the competent court interpreter who, with its stamp, verifies the identity with the original. Court interpreter issues the following translation: certified translation of personal documents, public documents, documents of companies, technical documents, medical and pharmaceutical documents.

Consecutive TRANSLATION:

Consecutive interpreting is an oral form of translation where the translator presents only a summary of the speech when the speaker finishes his presentation (usually with agreed intervals). This type of translation is suitable only for small groups and for it doesn’t need any special equipment.

Interpreting with an accompaniment

The interpreting with an accompaniment is ideal for a business meeting, tour or an official dinner.
‘Plusing prijevodi’ can facilitate your participation in various meetings, interviews, exhibitions and official and unofficial situations where informal and spontaneous translation is needed (sporting event, tour of the city ...)


Proofreading is comparing of the translation with the original text, in which the proofreader checks if there are errors made in writing, spelling or grammatical, if something is unclear or omitted. The proofreader will also pay attention to style and vocabulary used by the translator offering him constructive advice to improve clarity and syntax of the text. He will check the tables, numbers, names, abbreviations, spaces, sentences symbols, units of measure, etc.


Translation is not charged per page but per 'card'.
One card consists of 1450 characters with spaces.
The price of a translation depends on the type and complexity of the text, language and time in which the translation needs to be completed.

All translations are checked and proofread.
• For larger amounts of texts there is the possibility to arrange a discount and free translation of a test card.
• According to the law urgent translations are charged extra

There is a possibility of a special price list for regular customers, depending on the frequency and quantity of texts for translation.

A certified translation has an extra charge. See 'Regulations of the court interpreters'.

The following special services may be charged depending on the time spent (price per hour):
• Special graphic work
• Proofreading and correction of the text which was compiled and translated by another person
• Translation of subsequent changes made on the original text


Plusing prijevodi
Peroj 13A
52429 Grožnjan


Glagoljaša 18
52466 Novigrad

Kontakt: e-mail


gsm. 00385 91 506 0197

‘Plusing prijevodi’ is an agency that offers the following services:

*Translation (all European languages)
*Court certified translations (Italian and English)
*Proofreading and correction
*Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation
*Interpreting with an accompaniment

Contact us via Skype for free!

If it is not possible for you to visit us, then we can arrange to come to you, with no extra charge.

  Translations types:

Standard Offer
*Translation by a graduate translator.

Premier Offer

*Translation by a graduate translator
*Proofreading by a native speaker

Professional Offer

*Translation by experts in the field that the translation requires
*Proofreading by a native speaker

Texts delivery
► Email:
► CD and USB devices
► Fax, mail, and express delivery mail
► Personal (hand) delivery


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