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100 MILES of ISTRIA ultratrail Istria

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Numerous sports and active holiday lovers will find enough reasons to come to Northwestern Istria even in the winter months, but the first days of spring bring a bounty of activities providing everyone with a reason to visit this Istrian destination - both recreational and extreme sports enthusiasts. And this will be confirmed once again in April when Umag is hosting a 100 mile ultra trail race and a 1 km race for children.

Sport box is delighted to invite you to the sixth edition of the ultra trail race "100 miles of Istria". We are particularly proud to point out that as many as 979 competitors from 41 countries participated in thefifth edition of the race! It is the qualification race for the unofficial world trail championship The North Face Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.

On this year's edition is expected around 1500 competitors from over 40 countries. The longest race, which starts in Labin and ends in Umag, is 171 kilometres long with 7120 m of ascent and 7400 m of descent, which is equivalent to five times the rise to the top of the Učka Mountain from the sea level. The race starts in Labin, passes through Vojak, all the way to Buzet, then turning to the interior to pass through inland gems such as Hum, Draguć, Zamask and Motovun. It then returns to its original path through Oprtalj, and on its way to Umag passes through the beautiful Završje, Grožnjan and Buje.

The time limit for completing the race is 48 hours. The second, shorter race, starting in Lovran, passes through Vojak and Buzet to join the 100 mile race trail in Oprtalj all the way to Umag. The length of the trail is 108 kilometres and has an overall ascent of 4470 m, which corresponds to the triple ascent to the top of the Učka Mountain. The time limit for completing the race is 33 hours. The third race is 69 kilometres long and follows the medium trail all the way from Buzet to Umag. The time limit for completing this race is 16 hours. The shortest race is 42 km, which will start in the beautiful Motovun and finish in Umag.


SRK Alba and SD Trickeri 

Web: www.istria100.com
Email: race@istria100.com 
Phone: +385 98 98 31 255

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